EC49021A-Dual/Single USB Charger Port Controller

General description

The EC49021A are USB dedicated charging port (DCP) controllers. An auto-detect feature monitors USB  data line voltage, and automatically provides the correct electrical signatures on the data lines to charge compliant devices among the following dedicated charging schemes:


■ Divider 1 DCP, required to apply 2 V and 2.7 V on the D+ and D– Lines respectively.

■ Divider 2 DCP, required to apply 2.7 V and 2 V on the D+ and D– Lines respectively.

■ BC1.2 DCP, required to short the D+ Line to the D– Line

■ Chinese Telecom Standard YD/T 1591-2009 Shorted Mode, required to short the D+ Line to the D– Line.

■ 1.2 V on both D+ and D– Lines.


  Supports USB DCP Shorting D+ Line to D- Line per USB Battery Charging Specification, Revision 1.2(BC1.2).

  Supports Shorted Mode (Shorting D+ Line to D- Line) per Chinese Telecommunication Industry Standard YD/T


  Supports USB DCP Applying 2.7 V on D+ Line and 2 V on D- line (or USB DCP Applying 2 V on D+ Line and 2.7

      V on D– Line).

  Supports USB DCP Applying 1.2 V on D+ and D– Lines.

  Automatically Switch D+ and D- Lines Connections for an Attached Device.

  Dual USB Port Controller, EC49021AD.

      Single USB Port Controller, EC49021AS.

  Operating Range: 4.5 V to 5.5 V.

  Available in SOT23-6 Package.



  Vehicle USB Power Charger

  AC-DC Adapter with USB Port

  Other USB charger


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